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3 reasons why you should attend Open Days and Events

✅ The world of work is changing rapidly, so you need information from different sources. You need a broad perspective

✅ Network. You need to start building your network of people. Open events are a fantastic way to do this

✅ Research suggests that the more encounters you have with employers, the more you earn in your working life. Have four meaningful encounters, and you can earn up to 22% more during your career

❤️ Who doesn’t want to earn more money?

Preparing for Open Days and Events

✅ Research the organisation/organisations as much as possible. Read the “About Section” on their website. Explore their social channels and visit their LinkedIn page

✅ Prepare some interesting questions. Try not to ask ‘basic questions” like “What do you do” because it shows that you haven’t researched and aren’t interested. If you research, you can say things like, “I can see that you do (X); what else do you do?

✅ Take a notepad/device for note-taking. Be prepared to ask for emails/web links to get more information on the opportunity. You don’t need a hard copy of your CV but do need to be ready to send it if you are asked for it.



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