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The Careers Calendar enhances your management of planning, implementation, and evaluation of student career learning activities and events.  We make Gatsby reporting easy!


Streamline your careers engagement 

A triple sided platform, that serves schools, their students and organisations. 


We support Careers Leaders with understanding student needs, mapping an engagement plan according to need, and delivering a meaningful and relevant careers plan that has a positive impact. Careers Leaders who plan through the Careers Calendar get a report which they can use for reporting on Gatsby Benchmarks.

Careers Engagement

Manage your contacts

Manage your contacts more effectively. The Careers Calendar is the perfect place for you to safely store your student and key stakeholders contact details. 

Create Student surveys

Understand the career needs and aspirations of your students. Create surveys in under a minute and collect data that is easy to understand and use to map and plan your careers engagement plan aligned to the needs of your students.


Manage your events

Take the hassle out of event and activity management with the Careers Calendar. Once you’ve planned your activity or events you’ll be able to monitor engagement as well as accept new contacts into your network. 

Manage Events

Deliver your career learning activities and events

The Careers Calendar platform supports you with the delivery of career learning activities and events. 

Types of events you can deliver with the Careers Calendar include:


  • Careers learning activities –  you set career learning activities for students to explore
  • Online career events 
  • Offline events including career fairs, presentations and workshops
  • Share information on events through the platform 

Evaluate your career learning activities and events

After each event, students are prompted to give you feedback. Careers Leaders use this feedback to help shape their careers engagement and future practice.

Deliver Events

Showcase opportunities 

When you invite your contacts to the platform, they can complete their profile for free and showcase opportunities available to your students. This could be a University or a local employer with unpaid or paid experiences of your students to explore.

Gatsby made easy

If you plan your career events and career learning activities through the Careers Calendar you’ll get a report which you can use for Ofsted and Compass. The most innovative careers education platform that enables you to run a programme of career learning activities and events while reporting on Gatsby Benchmarks. Check out how we support you with Gatsby benchmarks. 



You can use the platform to generate an income from your events by asking your attending contacts to sponsor. The average school could generate £3,000 – £6,000 per year, but why be average? 

The best of the Careers Calendar

The Careers Calendar is an excellent tool that allows schools to plan their career events and activities in an efficient way. This tool will help all schools inspire students to engage with career information events

Mark Woodward

Award Winning Careers Practitioner


Deliver activities and events with intent


Measure your impact with reporting


A central point for the latest opportunities


Take care of the management of your engagement plan


Activities and online/offline events

Personalised engagement

Start to personalise your engagement

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