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What to do next

You have been sent an invitation to join the Careers Calendar. This page will highlight everything you need to do to join the Careers Calendar. It is FREE to join. 

Streamline engagement
Step 1

To begin

A School or College has invited you to join the Careers Calendar platform because they are using the platform to deliver careers information and events with the support of the Careers Calendar. You must therefore register to engage with the School/College. 

Acknowledge the invitation by following the link provided in the email.

1 min



Complete the signup form and enter the main platform environment. 

When you register on the platform you are registering your entire organisation, but one user.

5 min


Onboarding video

When you enter the main platform environment you’ll be greeted by onboarding videos. Watch these videos as they will help you to understand the platform environment and how to get started.

10 min

Complete profile

Your profile will be on display to 1000s of students so it is important that you complete this. Please follow the guidance set out in the video and our service desk which you can access here

1 hr – you don’t need to complete this in one go. 

Features & Upgrade

By joining, we provide you with a place where you can manage connections with schools and their events for FREE. 

However, there are several benefits to upgrading your account. You can add open days, download an engagement report, and add team members.

At any point, if you need assistance please contact us here.

Antony Adams

Antony Adams


Antony is a Level 7 Qualified Careers Adviser with 10 years of experience working in careers education and guidance services both domestically and internationally. Founder of the Careers Calendar, Antony is on a mission to ensure all schools can plan meaningful and relevant career events effortlessly and collect the data they need for Gatsby Benchmarks.


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