Healthy Mind, Healthy Career

The career development talk with a BIG difference!


What is Healthy Mind, Healthy Career?


You can’t have good career development without good mental health and well-being.¬†This 60 – 90 minute talk allows students to explore their career development within the context of their own well-being.

The session covers:

  • How to make good career decisions that are good for your mental health and well-being
  • The predictors for career success
  • The power of progress and how it reduces stress and anxiety
  • Skills auditing and journaling for self-esteem and self-belief
  • Making confirmation bias work for you
  • Skills Wheel: beating the bots

The session is interactive and supported by a workbook. It can be delivered to small groups or large audiences with 100 or more students.


Using tools and techniques from Applied Psychology and Careers Coaching, this talk gets students and graduates to think critically about how they approach their career and how they do career development.

Here’s an example of how we approach the skills wheel exercise

The Skills Wheel exercise allows students and graduates to understand the following:


  • What the top 10 skills are for most employers
  • Why the top 10 aren’t technical skills
  • Subjectively assess where they are with their skills
  • Create an action plan for individual growth in each skill area using micro-goal-setting techniques
  • Understanding the breadth of their life experiences and the transferability of their skills

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