As demand increases and new technologies emerge, so do the jobs within the sector.  

What is the telecoms sector? 

In short, it is the movement of information using electrical devices. You send a friend a text, send a colleague an email, or watch a Youtube video; the telecoms sector is responsible for it. 

Some of the jobs within the Telecoms sector include: 

  • Telecommunications specialists, engineers and technicians 

  • Customer service specialists 

  • Business development specialists 

  • Voice over Internet Protocol

  • Project Managers

There are, of course, other jobs, and each job is not exclusive to the telecoms sector. You can be a customer service specialist or project manager across most sectors. Or you could work in healthcare but work supporting telecoms services. For example, the development of virtual hospital wards (at-home care). The rollout of virtual wards creates new job roles and demands that people within those roles have different knowledge and skills to do the job. At the heart of virtual wards is new technology being developed by the tech and telecoms sector.

Opportunities for Young People

At first glance, the telecoms sector might not appear attractive, but look a little deeper, and you’ll see a world of opportunity, significant growth, and engaging careers. The Careers Calendar is about unveiling opportunities for young people, especially options that young people might not have considered previously. 

Organisations across the UK and the globe need more talent – they are facing a shortage of people. 60% of the telecoms engineers in the UK are over the age of 50 — and gaps in telecoms training, increasing demand for fibre and 5G has exposed significant skills gaps across the country. Read more here.

The Careers Calendar is pleased to announce a working relationship with WM5G and the UK Telecoms and Innovation Network [UKTIN].

The Careers Calendar will be delivering sector-specific events “Careers in Tech, Telecoms, and Engineering. Founder of the Careers Calendar says” We will be taking a co-ordinated and strategic approach for both schools and organisations to make careers engagement meaningful and relevant”. We can’t wait. 

Lesley Holt. Chair of the UKTIN advisory panel and Director for WM5G says “We’re excited to be working with Careers Calendar, schools and young people. We don’t want anyone to miss out on any of the dynamic in-demand roles in telecoms. An accredited career in connectivity can take you anywhere; around the UK, around the world. Connectivity enables everything we do and customer demand is growing exponentially. If you want to shape the future – this is the career for you.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said:

“It’s great to see a home grown Brummie innovation – The Careers Calendar – going from strength to strength with the announcement of their newly formed partnerships with UKTIN and WM5G. Good careers engagement can help schools and colleges to inspire their learners and help businesses find the talent they need to succeed. The Careers Calendar is playing its part in that process and I wish them continued success in the months and years ahead”.

Founder of the Careers Calendar, Antony Adams says “It is really important that we provide schools with the tools to scale and deliver outstanding careers engagement. We managed to reach 40,000 students last year delivering 40 events across the country and over 60% were pupil premium”.

Rhys Wynne – Head of Careers at an FE College said “The Careers Calendar helped us to deliver two career events during National Careers Week IN 2023. Using the platform meant we used our time more efficiently and had better outcomes”. Oaklands College were able to deliver two career events with just three weeks lead time. This would have taken months of preparation without the Careers Calendar.

Our first events are taking place on Wednesday 18th March at Claremont High School and Harrow High School.

If you are an organisation that operates in the Telecoms, Tech and Engineering sectors and looking to engage the next generation of talent then get in touch with us on

If you are a Careers Adviser or Careers Leader responsible for delivering engagement and events in your school then get in touch with the Careers Calendar to find out how you can use the Careers Calendar to deliver events or to see if we can schedule a Telecoms sector-focused event with your school or college:


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