Student Engagement Made Easy


Student engagement is more complicated under change. Technological changes, labour market changes, and globalisation all contribute to the challenges that students face. This change makes it more complicated for Career Leaders to keep up and keep their students engaged and successful delivery careers engagement.


Despite the challenges ahead, student engagement can be made easy with the use of technology to support the career decision-making process. Let’s talk about how we can help you be the best Careers Leader that delivers the best careers engagement possible.


Student engagement consists of activities and events. We are here to show you how you can run a programme of events and activities for your students that will form part of your student engagement plan.


The first step in the Careers Calendar process is to assess your student needs. Through the Careers Calendar, you can send out surveys to ask students what their subject and career interests as well as aspirations. With easy to use survey’s, you’ll be able to assess what you need to include in your student engagement plan. This will help you to reach Gatsby benchmark 3 – address the needs of each pupil.


The second step is to use the information from your student survey to start planning a series of activities and events aligned to your student needs. 


Using the Careers Calendar platform as part of your student engagement plan you can: 


Create student career events in both online and offline formats


Now it might seem a long way off until you can plan face to face events at your school but when that time comes, and you have a careers fair to run you can use the platform to do so. It’s straightforward to use and takes less than 5 minutes to plan. 


If you are planning an online event, you can plug your e-conferencing platform of choice, e.g. Zoom, Hangouts etc into the platform to deliver the event. 




The Careers Calendar platform makes it easy to manage your events. The dashboard tells you who is engaging; you’ll always be able to keep on top of how your plans are performing. 

Communicate your plans


Communication is an integral part of your success. You need to tell the students what you are doing and how they can engage. With the Careers Calendar platform, you’ll be able to take advantage of your unique web page which created for each event or activity that you create. You can use this to engage your students, promote the activities across the school and use as evidence for inspectors. If you join the Careers Calendar, we will share with you a document that will help you to develop your communication plan. 





The platform makes it easy for you to deliver your events. It enables you to keep on track on who’s engaging with your events. 



Post-event, each student, receive an email to ask them for their feedback.



We call it data; you might call it reporting. Each event comes with its unique report, or you can pull a report for each term or the year. The report will tell you which events you have run, the students that engaged, the benchmarks they relate to, and a link to the evidence which you can use for inspection or end of year reporting. 



The Careers Calendar platform includes an area where you students can explore careers information independently of you or because you’ve set a career learning activity for them to engage. If you set the activity, you’ll be able to see that they have engaged. 


Student engagement doesn’t have to be complicated. It requires three things: 


– An understanding of your student needs 

– A student engagement plan 

– A framework for delivery – the Careers Calendar is your bespoke framework that makes student engagement easy. 


When you join the Careers Calendar platform, we will help you to understand how to use the platform. Onboarding is easy and straightforward. We will also help you to carry out a stakeholder analysis to understand who your stakeholders are — following that we will help you to create a student engagement plan and a communication plan that enables you to communicate your activities across all stakeholders. 

The Careers Calendar explained in 90 seconds.  

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with student engagement, then please contact us here.

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