Privacy policies are complex but are an integral part of any business. A breach of privacy can have serious repercussions.

During demonstrations of the Careers Calendar platform, we always get asked about GDPR. I get concerned if I haven’t been asked. We are GDPR Compliant and we have just updated our privacy policy which reflects our decisions and commitment to solving problems within careers education and guidance.

This is our stance.

We are an engagement platform, not a marketing platform. We take this approach for two reasons:

  • Students don’t need another marketing platform. They need an accurate view of the opportunities available to them. For example, one of the reasons why young people don’t choose SMEs is because they don’t see them. SMEs don’t always have the experience or dedicated members of staff to engage with schools. The same is true with lesser-known universities, colleges, employers etc.
  • Ethics. Impartiality is a key theme in Careers Guidance. Despite concerns about the lack of impartiality, there is a collective effort to ensure we uphold the ethics set by the professional standards bodies. The Careers Calendar does this and creates a level of transparency that the sector needs.

The Founder of the Careers Calendar is a qualified Careers Adviser and holds the PgDip in Careers Guidance and the QCG award from the CDi. 

As an engagement platform, we do not use student data for marketing purposes. We exist to solve the engagement problem not marketing. Marketing would be too easy.

Full details on our privacy policy can be found on our website here.

Happy to answer any questions anyone has about our platform or GDPR. Contact us here.

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